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Life is Best when you Live with Purpose!



Are you ready to be a conscious creator of your life?

The mission of Walk in Beauty is to honor and celebrate the

journey of women of all ages and life stages through

personal life coaching, ceremonies, circles and workshops.


Walk in Beauty offers:

* Life Coaching: Individual & Group Sessions

* Women’s Circles & Ceremonies

* Teen Girl Empowerment Circles

* Suicide Awareness and Prevention

”It is a blessing of sisterhood to know and experience Monica. A wise woman, gifted teacher and ceremonial leader. Monica is a warrior sister on the path of honoring the sacred feminine. Monica's powerful presence, compassion for the human experience, integrity in her own healing, and gift of sharing ritual safely, invites other's to find the power of their true nature. In a culture deeply wounded by illusion and forgetting the power of the feminine, Monica's gifts are blessings to us all.”   ~ Sherri Rainingbird, LMFT, Integrative Psychotherapy & Shamanic Healing

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