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“Monica has a bright, bright light about her and all her rituals and ceremonies.  She is strong. She is beautiful. She is powerful. She believes in the power of celebrating all that life has to offer. She believes in the importance of ritual and ceremonies. To experience a ceremony led by Monica is an unforgettable gift which we all deserve.”   ~ Melissa O.


"Monica led a Wedding Blessing Way for me and my husband, Eric. The ceremony not only brought us back down to earth in a very real way, it also helped us connect with our family. I felt as if I had been living in a dream state and the ceremony made me realize the importance of this deeper connection, and the bond will be for a lifetime. It also helped me realize that marriage doesn’t only affect the bride and groom, but it is a coming together of the generations of family before us too. Next to the day itself, it was the most memorable part of our wedding!" ~ Krista A.


“Monica, I’m really look forward to more of this journey of sharing and connection with the women of our circle. You have such amazing energy, I am excited to join you once again. Thank you for your incredibly open and loving presence!”  ~ Erin P.


“Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have made a difference in the life of my sweet daughter Annie. Tearful gratitude.”  ~ Aimee B.


“We can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful afternoon spent with beautiful couples sitting in circle and lead by a dynamic woman!  Your honesty, grace and devotion to helping us reconnect together was inspirational and empowering to be around.”  

~ Dayna and John M.


“I just wanted to extend another thank you. Every month I look forward to sitting with you, and the other amazing women in our incredible circle. It has been such a blessing to feel so supported, and I wanted to especially thank you for your compassion and love. Some of the topics we share on are so powerful, so thought-provoking, and it really gives me a chance to continue that deep search within myself. Sometimes, what comes up for me is challenging to share, but I have felt so safe and supported.”   ~ Jennifer P.

Personal and Group Life Coaching * Women and Teen Empowerment Groups

* Circles and Ceremonies * Suicide Awareness and Prevention

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