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Women's Circles & Ceremonies

What is a Women’s Circle?


A women’s group or circle is an opportunity to step out of your busy life, gather with other women and share your joys, obstacles, triumphs, and struggles; a place to experience friendship, support, connection & community. 


Gathering together in circle can a powerful healing experience in a supportive and loving atmosphere. We create a space where each participant feels seen and heard; a place to share, connect and empower, a sacred and safe place to drop into your authenticity.


Women’s Circles…

  • are a place for community and connection.

  • help to serve as a reminder of female empowHERment and sisterhood.

  • are a safe and supportive space to speak our truth without judgement.

  • help us to shed light on our fears and bring about freedom.

  • are a great way to practice self-care, to put the oxygen mask on yourself first!

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Ceremonies help us celebrate life transitions, helping us mark turning points, milestones, growth and change. They can also bring comfort and strength during difficult transitions and can bring much joy and celebration. Ceremonies help us remember the bigger picture and what is most important in our life.


Ceremonies offered…

  • Blessing Ways – Preparation for labor and birth

  • Commitment/Wedding

  • Home Blessings/Clearings

  • Fire Ceremony

  • Letting Go

  • Full and New Moon

  • Remembrance/Memorial 

  • Rites of Passage

“I am so grateful for you as my Life Coach and Circle Leader - for your honesty, your compassion, your support, and your love. You have truly made me feel affirmed, heard, and loved. I wanted you to know that you exemplify those beautiful qualities that I am searching for in myself, and you have helped me start to appreciate and acknowledge those special things that make me a woman.  Thank you again for always listening, loving, and being yourself”.  

~ Erika G.


Click here for more information and to book your circle or special ceremony today!

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